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ASN Capital Group Ltd is registered in England number 7423799.

The following companies are subsidiaries of ASN Capital Group Ltd: ASN Capital Ltd, Registered in England No. 3593823; ASN Capital Construction Ltd, Registered in England No. 4731942; ASN Capital Investments Ltd, Registered in England No. 4996005; ASN Capital Lettings Ltd, Registered in England No. 6077742; ASN Capital Project Alpha Ltd, Registered in England No. 7118113; ASN Capital Project Beta Ltd, Registered in England No. 7191676; ASN Capital Project Gamma Ltd, Registered in England No. 7421423.

The following companies are associated with the ASN Capital Group and administered from their offices: Caffe Dino Ltd, Registered in England No. 10746540.

All have their registered office at Hector’s House, 676-680 Wimborne Road, BOURNEMOUTH, BH9 2EG.

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