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Customer Support

In the case of an emergency such as fire, injury, illness or criminal activity in progress which requires an emergency response call 999 and ask for the appropriate service.

In case of a gas leak call Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111999.

If you are experiencing an urgent property defect that represents a risk to safety or security then you should report it by telephone on 01202 771441. Outside of office hours follow the instructions and you will be connected with an on-call member of staff.

All other issues or queries should be reported online through our online management portal ‘Arthur’. You can do this via the website or using the dedicated mobile app. By using the management portal you will be able to see the progress of your issue and add photographs or other information to help us deal with it as effectively as possible.

Log in to the portal here

Alternatively you can submit a request by emailing , or telephoning 01202 771441 during office hours. If you are making contact about an issue you already reported please check the status and/or add information to the existing issue, instead of creating a new one.

We will always try and respond as quickly as possible. We prioritise repairs based on the following performance standards:

  • Priority One – Emergency repairs, completed or made safe within 24 hours. These are repairs required to avoid a danger to health, a risk to the safety of residents or serious damage to buildings or residents belongings.
  • Priority Two – Urgent repairs, completed within five working days. These are repairs which materially affect the comfort or convenience of the residents.
  • Priority Three – Non-urgent repairs, completed within 28 days. These are those repairs not falling within the above categories.

Important note about repairs and remedial work – Depending on whether you own or rent your home, and whether or not ASN Capital is your landlord, we may not be responsible for your repair. What caused the defect may also affect whether or not ASN Capital is responsible. We will do our best to let you know as soon as possible if we are not responsible, if you ask us to continue with the work or if we have to proceed for other special reasons, you may be liable to pay for the work done in these cases.

Should you be unhappy with how we have dealt with your issue please review our complaints process.